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It lies on the road of Drama - Kavala at a distance of 10 and 25 km respectively.
The settlement of Doxato is an interesting example of the application of innovative movements in architecture, developed during the interwar period. Directly associated with the traditional way of life and agricultural production a new style is created, the folk classicism, where houses of broad swathes "are invested" with classical characteristics or elements from different orders, such as Renaissance, Baroque, Art Nouveau etc.
The buildings that stand out are the old church of Saint Athanasius, in the center of Doxato (built in 1867), the restored building of Schools at the western entrance, built at the end of the Ottoman period (1908-1910), the remarkable villas and tobacco houses reminiscent of the Doxato"a economic development in the late 19th and early 20th century.
Doksato is famous for its horse racing. It is an ancient custom that is repeated every year on 2 May, the day of the feast of Saint Athanasius and festival of Doxatou and have been linked with the liberation struggles of the region.

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