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It is located 14 km northwest of Drama, on the southern outskirts of Falakro, at the edge of the homonymous canyon (Canyon of Petrousas).
It is a town with developed animal farms and rich cultural life. In the center of the village are the ruins of great basilica of the 19th century. dedicated to Panagia, with a significant number of Roman and Byzantine sculptures on the walls as building materials.
In the settlement preserved church of 1907, built with the care of the Metropolitan Chrysostomos, although suffered changes with the passage of time.
Petrousa stands out for the richness of its traditions. In January 7-8 all residents, particularly young people, participate in local events with the celebration of Babo, the feast of St. Athanasios on May 2, the feast of the Prophet Elias with common table (kourbani) in the chapel on the mountain in July 20th and in celebration of the Immigrant in the last week of July or 1st of August.
In the arts area has several artists. We stand out Angelos Kouyioumtzis, the popular painter from Petrousa, the architect, sculptor and painter Pavlos Angelos Kouyioumtzis and the actror and screenwriter Petros Macedonas.

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