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K. Nevrokopi


Kato Neurokopi is a town of the Prefecture of Drama in altitude of 558 m, it is situated in the center of the homonymous plateau, northwest of Drama 47km away from the city center.
Nevrokopi has a cold mountain climate and continental, where the coldness of winters is quite typical to the point that many times it is greeted as the "Siberia of Greece", because it is on average the coldest region of Greece and the temperature has reached up -30 degrees Celsius, which is the lowest temperature that froze Greece.
The economy is basically agricultural, since a large part of farmers" income comes from the systematic cultivation of potatoes. The "potato of Nevrokopi" as being a product of "Protected Geographical Indication" (PGI) since 2002, is much sought after in the markets and its whole cycle of production, harvesting and processing could be an interesting and instructive experience . One more PDI product is of course the famous beans of Nevrokopi.
The city has an infrastructure similar to the current needs and growth prospects. An attraction, among other traditional buildings, is the church of Saint Demetrius, one large three-aisled basilica of 1866 with interesting images of 1874, an ambulatory and a monumental three-storey belfry in the center of its west side. This church, like the old school building (1863), which is preserved in good condition at the north side of the church constitute the fund of memory of struggles and sacrifices of the Greeks of the town.

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