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Agushevi konatsi


Architectural and ethnographic complex Agushev Konak in Mogilitza village is declared monument of national importance. The complex was built in period 1820-1842 and consists of 2 residential and some agricultural buildings. The complex was built by Bulgarian master-builder from the Rhodopes region in order of Agus Aga and his three sons.

In architectural terms this is practically а late medieval feudal castle with 221 windows, 86 doors and 24 chimneys. The property was well protected by high walls and a defensive tower adapted for long fire resistance, with two rows of staggered holes located. The complex has three inner yards, isolated each other by internal walls and surrounded by residential and farm buildings, which turn them into separate residential complexes.
There can be seen the houses of the owners and, of the domestics, areas for the women, rooms for the farm workers, stables, a barn, granary and others.

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