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East Macedonia & Thrace

"St. Visarion Smolianski" Temple


The "St.Visarion Smolyanski" Church is the second largest Orthodox Church in Bulgaria. Since its official opening on July 3, 2006 until today, the temple has become not only a favorite place for the devotions of Smolian people, but also one of the most visited tourist attractions in the area. Every day in the church to light a candle, pass many domestic and foreign tourists.
The church is named after the last Rhodope Bishop Vissarion of Smolyan, brutally murdered by the Otomans in the 17th century because of his refusal to accept the Islam and canonized by the church in 1987.
The church tower is 32 meters high, and the gilded dome of the temple is 17 meters in diameter. The unique church bells are made in Moscow, the largest weighs two tons, and the smallest - eight kg.

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