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Lednitzata cave


Cave "Lednitsata" is located 7.5 km west of the village of Gela (Smolyan municipality), in an old beech forest near the hut Lednitsata. It is part of Karst region of Zlosten, which has been declared a natural landmark. Here, at an area of 358 hectares, are concentrated some of the most famous, mainly abyss, caves, one of which is "Lednitsata" .
"Lednitsata" cave is not suitable for mass visits and this is the reason the path to it, and its entrance, are not well marked. The cave is 242 meters deep and 1525 meters long, but for tourist visits (and only escorted by guides - qualified cavers) are available around 100m. Lednitsta is a complex of galleries, precipices, rapids, small halls, etc. Its entrance is narrow (it must be crossed by crawling), but the porch is large and looks like an altar with a high ceiling. Then there are natural steps that lead 7 meters down to the "large terrace". There are small terraces which are decorated with transparent domes - large stalactites and stalagmites of ice.
The name of the cave comes from the thin ice crust (in Bulgarian "led" means "ice"), which in most of the year cover the walls of the entrance hall and the associated with it narrow gallery.

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