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Holy Church of Saint Marina


The holy church of Saint Marina in accordance with the inscription on the west side, was built in the days of Metropolitan Germanos C of Drama in 1883. Then, it was burned by the Turks in 1914 and rebuilt by the Bishop of Drama, Agathaggelos Magnitas. Then, it worked as a monastery until all the monks died. The architectural order of the temple is single-room wooden basilica with a women"s loft and loggia.In the left side of the temple there is a wooden pulpit which is no longer accessible as some of the steps have been removed in order to put the pews. It has a carved wooden icon screen, on top of which we distinguish the Crucified and the dove, which symbolizes the Holy Spirit. In the church there is a picture of Saint Marina, which becaue of its age and its property as a miraculous, it gathers many faithfuls who want to worship the image.

Management Body: Holy Metropolis of Drama
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