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Presentation of Holy Mary (Metropolis)


In the center of Drama, on the main road Venizelos street, is rescued the eastern part of the post-Byzantine church of the Entrance of Virgin Mary. The western portion was demolished in 1975. It was the metropolitan church and the only Orthodox parish that existed during the Ottoman era. It is said that the Temple was built in the 14th century by the effort and participation of many Christians during the Ottoman occupation. The difficulties were many while it was built in the night, but the day the Turks demolished everything that had been succeeded. This happened because they did not wanted a Christian church to be built in the region. After his letter the despotes Suleiman Bey and after his intervention was given thye command tha whoever hurt even a stone from the temple of the Christians, were going to be killed. This all happened around 1880 when the construction of the Temple was completed. The order of the church is three-aisle basilica with two rows of columns, with tiled roof and five sided apse and it was the only church that had managed not only to be built but also operate during the Ottoman occupation. In the nave there were seven axes pillars in each row and a women"s loft on the west side. It had two main entrances and along the west wall there was an arcade that connected the church with the belfry that was erected in 1893. In the courtyard there is a fountain decorated with a double-headed eagle and the inscription mentioning the year of manufacture as 1819. In the southern side of the temple there was the residence of the Bishop. The initial temple of the church was carved wooden from the early 20th century and during the works it was moved to Athens for maintenance (it is now located in the warehouse of the new Metropolis until the work is completed and its repositioning is done). In the original church are also rescued the throne and the Icon Stands of 19th century. With regard to the pictures of the church, they date back from 1850 to 1871, although there is no information about whether some have survived until today. Generally the initial church, during the Turkish domination, although Metropolitan, was uncomfortable, humble, with poor decor and poor lighting. Although the exact date of construction of the initial church is not known, there was found a manuscript of the year 1736, kept in the Saint Step, an interesting note stating that this was the only church of the few Orthodox Christians who existed in Drama (this note is signed by Joseph Dramas in 1800). Outside the old Metropolitan Hall, before this had been demolished, there was a sign stating that the Temple was renovated in 1721 with the assistance of the Christians and the Bishop Parthenios.

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