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Haskovo Region

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Haskovo is one of the richest regions with historical and architectural places. Declared and announced immovable cultural properties are numbered 597, of which 39 are of national importance. The area is extremely rich of immovable cultural property, which are prehistoric and especially from Early Thracian Era (11-6 century BC).

The modern landscape is very different from what it was in the fifth - sixth centuries. Until the sixteenth century (ХVІ), the region is covered with dense ancient forests, the rivers are considerably deep. Although undergoes minor changes, the climate has always been favorable for the development of agriculture and rearing cattle. Excellent living conditions on these lands since ancient times, compensate the risks to live on a crossroads through which periodically undergo many conquerors, sowing death and destruction.

The favourable climate, beautiful and clean nature, and unique flora and fauna are a key factor behind the development opportunities of tourism in Haskovo region. The region has a leading position in the country in terms of agricultural areas with permanent crops, especially vineyards. Bulgarian wine producers offer their products more successfully in the international market. Many of them opened tasting rooms and offer guests the opportunity to enjoy the superior quality, taste and aroma of Bulgarian red and white wines.

Another prerequisite is the rich cultural heritage of the region: the architectural and building monuments of ancient and medieval architectural sites, monuments of the Renaissance (castles, monasteries, churches and old houses), historic sites and museums. Population of the region has a specific way of life, traditions, customs and crafts.

The Trakietz Dam

The Trakietz Dam The Trakietz Dam is extremely attractive and is a favorite of the Haskovo citizens since its construction until the present day. It has many places comfortable for fishing as well ...

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Church St. Haralambos - Boliarovo, Haskovo

Church St. Haralambos - Boliarovo, Haskovo The church was built in 1922 and consecrated in 1926.

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Monument "Virgin Mary"

Monument Тhe monument was inaugurated in 2003. In 2005 it was inscribed in the book of Guinness World Records, and since 2009 is on the list of 100 national tourist sites ...

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POKI Festival (Poets with guitars)

POKI Festival (Poets with guitars) BARDFEST with famous Bulgarian poets with guitars

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 Eco trail Madzharovo – „Momina Skala”

 Eco trail Madzharovo – „Momina Skala” The length is 5,3 km and it takes 4,30 h.Momina Skala Route begins fron the Information center in Madzharovo, goes near the border of Momina Skala protected site and along ...

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Thracian Cult complexes in Kovan Kaya area

Thracian Cult complexes in Kovan Kaya area In the region of Eastern Rhodopes are located many cultural and historical monuments related to the Thracians - remains of Thracian settlements, fortresses, tombs, sanctuaries and more. One of the ...

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International Plein Air workshop "Tokmakli"

International Plein Air workshop It is held in a guesthouse "Tokmakli", located on Tokmakli dam, near the village of Stambolovo.It takes place between the third and eighth day of September.This is one of the ...

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Fortification wall of Haskovo

Fortification wall of Haskovo At the end of the VIII century, the hill Hisar (Hissar district currently) south of Haskovo river appeared a new settlement. Surrounded by a thick wall, it gradually grew at ...

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Church of St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel, Haskovo

Church of St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel, Haskovo Built in 1861, сt is the second church in the city, known as the Greek Church or the Church of the rich. In 1972 the church was declared a ...

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Monument Dimitar Ivanov - Litso, Haskovo

Monument Dimitar Ivanov - Litso, Haskovo Dimitar Ivanov Litso (1888-1953) was the first artist Haskovo after the Liberation, who was born, lived and worked entirely in his home town of Haskovo. The monument was inaugurated on ...

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The biking trail Plevun – Dolno lukovo – Mandritsa – Odrintsi – Svirachi – Ivaylovgrad

The biking trail Plevun – Dolno lukovo – Mandritsa – Odrintsi – Svirachi – Ivaylovgrad The length is 32,6 km and it takes about 3 40 h to pass it.Mild climate with mix of Mediterranean flora, many old churches and houses and splendid views.

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Bridge over Kardzhali River, Haskovo

Bridge over Kardzhali River, Haskovo Built in 2007-a. Connects two boroughs - Shepherd and Youth. On one side there are two groups of children with four figures, one ending with a dog and the other ...

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