Traveler's Guide

East Macedonia & Thrace

Route in Kavala – Kipia Eleftheroupoli – Moustheni and Mesoropi Pangaios – Anaktoropoli and Ancient Isymi – Kavala

From Kavala, take Egnatia Highway towards Thessaloniki, leaveat the exit for Eleftheroupoli and you reach Kipia in 27 minutes.The Theodoros Kokkinidis Waxworks Museum can be foundhere, presenting effigies of historical people who left their markon their era. The exhibits often travel in Greece or abroad. Beforesetting off, telephone: +30 693 7803 780, 697 6519 429.From Kipia, via Elftheroupoli-Moustheni provincial road, youreach Moustheni (10km) with its four arched bridges, traditionalhouses in ochre and blue, the old Turkish school with its Arabicinscription, water fountains and the Folklore Museum building.Continue towards Mesoropi (4km from Moustheni), Kavala’sPilio, as it is called, with its marble-paved alleys, the well in themiddle of the village, traditional houses, old tobacco shops, thechapel of Agia Kyriaki (17th century) and the Klothori and MahmutAga stone arch bridges.Activities: witness honey-making firsthand, see how tahini andhalva is produced by grinding sesame in the traditional way inthe old mill. Walk on the path leading from the village to Vathres:plane trees and singing birds will enchant you on your way toVoskovrisi. Swim in the beautiful beaches in the area: Orphynio,Orphanio, at Karyani and Akropotamos. From Mesoropi gosouthward, turn left after 1km towards Eleftheroupoli – Moustheniand after 2.4km, turn right. 2.5km further on you join EgnatiaHighway going towards Kavala. Leave Egnatia Highway at exit 29towards S. Peramo, get to the shore and as you continue, you willfind Anaktoropoli of Ancient Isymi on the western tip of the bay.Isimi, colony of Thasos (7th c entury B C) w ith i ts own c urrency,was famous for its “Vivlino Wine”, which is still produced in theregion today. On the small hill northeast of Isymi, the Byzantinesbuilt Anaktoropoli. Remains of its strong fortress have survivedtill today. From the top of the castle you can enjoy an amazingview and realize the strategic importance of its position. Culturalevents are often held in the castle in the summer.Activities: Swimming in the clean, shallow water.Celebrations: Tsipouro Festival in October. Grape Festival inElaiochori (August-September).Gastronomy: Fish and seafood,wine and excellent quality tsipouro.Return to Kavala by the coast road(19km). From S. Peramos, you canvisit the Apollonia Tower, on the oldKavala-Thessaloniki National Highway,a 14th century AD building withan excellent beach.