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East Macedonia & Thrace

Alexandroupoli – Natural History Museum – Traianoupoli

Make sure you start off early NaturalHistory Museum. Before setting off,contact the Museum to make anappointment.Tania Danaki: +30 697464625or Ioannis Naitidis: +30 6945554251.Natural History MuseumThe Natural History Museum is located approximately 2km westof the Alexandroupoli centre, amongst Plane trees on the Maistroriverbank. It is a fully equipped modern building, spanning an areaof 538 m2 and built in complete harmony with the natural environment.The main aim of Alexandroupoli Natural History Museum isto demonstrate the biodiversity at play on various levels in in theEvros region (genetic, species, eco-systems, landscapes) and itsspecial geophysical and ecological characteristics.TraianoupoliThe Emperor Marcus Oulpios Traianos (98-117 AD) built a newurban centre to be named Traianoupoli on this spot at the beginningof the 2nd century AD. The thermal springs and the proximityof Egnatia obviously played an important role in the choice of location.Remains of Egnatia can be seen on the road which connectsthe springs to the small monastery. From this epoch’s Byzantinewealth, ruins of the church and two marble images in relief havesurvived.During Ottoman Rule, Gazi Pasha Evrenos erected a vaultedrectangular building here (1375-1385) known as Hana, whichoperated as a guest house for passers-by. Next to it is a complexof vaulted baths with pools dating to 16th century. On Agios Giorgioshill, ruins of the famous teke of Isiklar or Nephes Baba, builtin 1361 and consisting of the heart of the active monastery of theBektashi Order of Dervishes, have survived. Numerous visitors andpoor people were housed at the teke. Next to the ruins there is aspring with water that is considered holy by Muslims.Traianoupoli BathsThe Thermal Springs of Traianoupoli are thermo-mineral, containinghydrogen, sulphide/chloride and radium. Drinking therapy isappropriate for: diabetes, kidney disease, liver and bile cystitis,chronic gastroenteritis and constipation, digestive disorders etc.Spa therapy is suitable for chronic rheumatic diseases, rheumaticallergies, joint disorders, neuritis, neuralgia, gynecological ailmentsetc. The visitor wishing to combine a thermal spa with luxury tourismcan choose from numerous 5 star hotels in the surroundingarea.