Traveler's Guide

East Macedonia & Thrace

Route in Xanthi: Maroneia – Fanari (47km, 40 mins) - Xanthi

Go downhill from Maroneia for 3km towards Plataniti, go pastProskyniton Beach, continue until the road takes a northerly direction,when it goes past Imeros harbor and continues to ImerosVillage. Carry on towards Glyfada. Cross the River Lissos usingthe Irish crossing and to the south of Lake Ismarida, turn rightafter the bridge, where there is a fish farm installation.Return to the surfaced road and continue westwards. After a fewkilometers, turn left for Elos and Ptelea Lagoons. Return to themain road, pass through Glyfada Village and exit the crossroadswhich goes to Mesi Beach on the left, where the 2km pedestrianand cycle path goes between the Karatza Lagoon and the sea andends at Arogi. Arogi and Fanari are on a straight, uninterruptedstretch of the coast parallel to the Xirolimni Lagoon. The route ofMesi beach – Mesi – Arogi – Fanari with its traditional fish farmsand unique beaches, is full of lagoon birds. At Fanari resort, themost important one in Thrace, you will find hotels, taverns, shopsand ATM machines. It takes 20 minutes to return to Komotini viathe National road, covering a distance of 30km.