Traveler's Guide

East Macedonia & Thrace

Wineries and wine regions - Drama Region

The area is famous for its wineries and some of them are the best in Greece. Most of them can be visited and one can take a tour in theis facilities and buy their products. Some of them are :DOMAINE K. LAZARIDI Α.Ε (Adriani), DOMAINE NICO LAZARIDI Α.Ε. (Agora), DOMAINE MANOLESAKI - GENNIMA PSIXIS (Adriani), TECHNI OINOU (Alypias) (Mikrochori), DOMAINE PAVLIDI Α.Ε. (Kokkinogia), DOMAINE MICHAELIDI (SAINT ATHANASIOS), DOMAINE OENOGENESIS Α.Ε. (Adriani), DOMAINE CHRIS KLONARIDIS,