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Sanctuary of Dionysus


Of particular interest is the existence at Kali Vrysi of Drama the building of early Hellenistic period, preserved in good condition. The area is rich in antiquities from prehistoric to Byzantine times, played an important role in shaping the cultural and historical character of this place. The archaeological site is located at "mikri toumpa" and is 2.5 km from Kali Vrysi, while it is also in short distance from the cave of sourses of Aggitis river. This rectangular building complex, measuring 34x16 meters preserved in good condition and interior is divided into three main areas A, B and C are the functional units, with main site the space A, in which probable celebrated the Agricultural Dionysia and dated belongs to the end 4th with early 3rd BC century. The wild plunder and destruction by fire of the site in the early of 3rd BC century, when passing the Galates from the area after the battle of Lysimachae indicates the end of its life. The cult of Dionysus is known in the region, as shown by samples of epigraphy and sculpture (head bearded Dionysus and Roman times' inscription). Also was found small sized clay effigy with zoomorphic masked, the aftermath of the Dionysian cult, events that unfailingly are happening during the days of Epiphany in Kali Vrysi (Mpampougera).

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