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East Macedonia & Thrace

"Anastenaria" of Mavrolefki


It is a ritual which is one of the most impressive and the most specific forms of traditional Christian worship in Greece and Eastern Macedonia in particular. The prefecture of Drama hosts one of the genuine centers of anastenaria, which is Mavrolefki, a municipal district of the municipality of Prosotsani.
Anastenaria, far from being in any way pretended representation or planned tourist attraction are until today an example of traditional custom of worship, which requires strict adherence to standards (annually) and organized community life.
Anastenaria include various ritual procedures (gathering in konaki, dance, censer, special wishes, chants, ritualistic rhythmic drumming, sanctification, sacrifice, litany of images, etc.), and the top of these procedures is the barefoot dance on embers, the dancing passage of Anastenarides walk barefoot over hot coals.

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