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In the northeastern part of Greece, the Regional Unit Ebro is named after the river that originates in neighboring Bulgaria and forms the natural border between Greece and Turkey. This wide river with its huge ecological interest, took its name from the namesake mythical hero, who in his desperate try to escape from his stepmother"s love, he thrown himself into the deep waters of the river. A place full of ancient history, castles and religious monuments and indelible traces of the past.
A place of unparalleled natural beauty. Both International treaties and national legislation are protecting most of its territory. The Ramsar Convention for Evros Delta:
a) the National Park of Dadia-lefkimis-Soufliou, which occupies the 10% of the area of the Prefecture, where gullies and creeks, mature oak and pine forests interspersed with meadows and pastures creating an unspoiled and authentic landscape.
b) the National Park Ebro Delta wetland, with rich and flourishing flora, rare birds and unique landscapes with swamps, mires, sand strips, lakes and grasslands.
c) the Riparian Forest of Northern Evros and Ardas.
Along all the paths, the visitor can find stork nests which are in abundance during spring.
A melting pot of cultures and civilizations. Thracians, Sarakatsanoi, Cappadocian, Pontic Greeks, Jews, Armenians and Pomaks form a cultural mosaic that offers a variety of goods, tangible and intangible, to the delight of visitors. The People, hospitable, cordial and cheerful, are ready to help you, talk to you about the place, to share with you the revelry and fun.
The alternating rhythms of the region satisfy all moods, loose when relaxation is needed and vibrant at nights in the biggest cities where the life does not stop until the wee hours. Luxury hotels, villas, rooms and fully equipped camping in the city of Alexandroupoli offer their services for a pleasant and comfortable stay. In Evros, you never go only once, you always return, again and again.

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