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Museum of Natural Environment of Nestos


The Museum of Natural Environment of Nestos was founded in June 1990, Chrysopolis of Kavala, by the EPO - "Society for the Protection of Nature and Eco-development" 

Inside the museum, visitors can find very useful information on wetlands and ecosystems of the river delta, the dangers that threaten them, as well as instructions for the visitors to enjoy the nature without destroying it.
Moreover, in addition to the numerous photographs, there are models of Delta habitat characteristics.
In the garden of the museum, the visitor can take a closer look of the nature of the habitat of the delta with effigies of sand dunes, lakes and of its natural vegetation in general. The garden also include herbaceous, shrubby and arboreal species of the natural vegetation of the Delta. Furthermore, in the pond of the museum’s garden, the visitor can admire the white water lilies and rushes, as well as dragonflies, lizards and frogs.
“The Society for the Protection of Nature and Eco-development” began in 1989 and organizes each summer youth camps in collaboration with the European Nature Heritage Fund, for young people between 16 and 25 years old.
The camps’ program includes projects for environmental conservation in practice, swimming, games, entertainment, tours and above all discussions.

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