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East Macedonia & Thrace

City of ancient Thasos (Limenas of Thasos)

In town of ancient Thasos (Limenas), in the modern village of Port, monuments and assemblies are preserved. The market, a public square enclosed by arcades, is the most important archaeological monument of the city of Thasos. Northwest of thw Market is the temple of Artemis, and the hill of the citadel, surrounded by majestic terraces and walls were installed thei ancestral holy Patron Saint of Athena and Apollo Pythian. The theater exploits the natural topography of the hill, and the back portion of leaning on wall. At the foot of the Acropolis, below the theater, there is the sanctuary of Dionysus. The ancient wall that was built in the early 5th century. BC is well preserved in many places of the route while near the ports there was since the 5th century BC Poseidon"s temple with its precinct in an irregular quadrilateral.
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