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Holy Monastery of Saint Silas the Apostle


Just three kilometers away from Kavala, following the highway of Thessaloniki-Kavala, exactly where it is coupled with the surviving parts of the old famous Via Egnatia is located the Monastery of Saint Silas. Literally it dominates in the neck formed by the western hills, which enclose the city of Kavala from the fury of winter boron. Just from the point where the monastery stands, the view of Kavala is wonderful. In front there are beautiful beaches with their natural harbors. Most farther still, the pearl of voreioelladitikon islands, Thassos. Even farther away, the pearl of north Hellenic islands, Thasos. The city itself, perched literally on the rocks and in the gullies which are formed as mountains descend abruptly into the sea, it justifies entirely a reflection of all these experts, who gave the name of the city in specific geographical areas. The extremely picturesque site which was surrounded by a wonderful rich green, was not selected randomly for the construction of the monastery. In the tradition at this point the Apostle Paul and his associates Silas, Timothy and Luke sat down to rest. It also mentioned in a marbled column that is currently in front and slightly left of the church of the monastery:"ΚΑΤ" ΑΡΧΑΙΑΝ ΠΑΡΑΔΟΣΙΝ ΕΝΤΑΥΘΑ ΑΝΕΠΑΥΘΗΣΑΝ ΟΙ ΑΓΙΟΙ ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΟΙ ΠΑΥΛΟΣ ΚΑΙ ΣΙΛΑΣ ΚΑΤΑ ΤΗΝ ΠΡΟΣ ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟΥΣ ΠΡΩΤΗΝ ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΙΚΗΝ ΕΠΙΣΚΕΨΙΝ ΤΩΝ." Telephone: +302510242511. It is a monastery for men and belongs to the Diocese of Kavala. In the monastery there is a marbled slab, which is where Paul and Silas sat down to rest, during their visit to Neapoli.

It is male holy monastery and belongs to Metropolis of Kavala.


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