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The MIneral Museum


In the village of Petrota that owes its name to the rich rocks of that area and the exceptional craftsmen who lived there previously, there is the Mineral Museum. It is housed in one of the last preserving traditional buildings, in the restorated mill of the village, a pre-industrial building, whose construction phases started in the early of the 20th century. The layout and mineral rock collection began in October 2009 and the set up of the exhibition completed in August 2010, under the supervision of the professors of the department of Geology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The museum exhibits minerals, petrified wood, coral and crystals. The visitors can admire the minerals from both the surroundings areas and other areas, classified into six collections, but also the products that were obtained from the processing. At the same time, through many photographs and accompanying texts the visitors can obtain information about the geology of the area, the characteristics of the minerals, their positions mining of stone and carving techniques, tools, but also the history of the place in relation to quarrying. In several other villages of the municipality of Orestiada and other municipalities in the prefecture there are ethnographic collections curated usually by local or private collections, housed in the premises of libraries or in private homes that can be visited after request: The Folklore Collection of Pentalofos, Ormenio, Spilaio, Himoni, Alepochori, Antheia, Palagia and many other.

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